[theqoo] K-netizens react to SHINee Onew’s concerning weight loss

The recent appearance of SHINee Onew, who appears to have lost a lot of weight, causes fans to feel concerned.

On June 10th, a topic titled “SHINee Onew said to be on hiatus due to health issues” was published on the Korean forum “theqoo”, garnering over 90,000 views as of 4PM (KST). 

In the article, various photos of SHINee Onew’s recent situation were attached, showing the male idol with an extremely thin face and body, as if he has lost a lot of weight. 

Coupled with this, on June 9th, SM Entertainment announced that Onew will temporarily suspend activities due to poor health conditions, adding to the concerns of fans. The male idol will also be unable to participate in SHINee’s upcoming concert and album promotion activities.

As a result, fans express concerns about Onew’s visible weight loss, and wish for his recovery. 

Original post: theqoo

Below are some comments from Korean netizens: 

  • Missing activities isn’t any problem, I just hope he gets better
  • Did he go on a diet? He lost so much weight… I hope he is always healthy
  • If there is no change in his lifestyle or eating habit and yet he lost so much weight, it’s important that he visits the hospital and get a check up
  • Being healthy is the most important, I’m glad he is taking a break
  • It seems to be a thyroid problem, I had the same issue
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