Was Park Bom’s diet successful? Visible jawline in recent photo

Recent updates of Park Bom, a former 2NE1 member, have been revealed, drawing attention. 

On June 10th, makeup artist Min Sun shared a photo of Park Bom’s recent status on her Instagram story. 

In the published photo, Park Bom showcases a sharper jawline and slimmer face, causing audiences to suspect that she has succeeded in dieting. The female idol can also be seen holding a bouquet of flowers, appearing incredibly beautiful.

park bom

Meanwhile, Park Bom debuted as a member of 2NE1 in 2009 and was active in the group until 2016. Since then, she has been actively pursuing a solo career.

Furthermore, Park Bom has been engulfed in rumors of health concerns due to her fluctuating weight and a collar bone bandage that she has been wearing for the past 3 months. However, she has confirmed the bandage to be an acupressure pad. 

Source: Nate 

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