The difference between the visuals of Jang Won Young and Tzuyu at the age of 17

Comparing the same age photos, Tzuyu (Twice) possesses a luxurious beauty but looked much older than Jang Won Young (IZONE).

A topic about Jang Won Young (IZONE) and Tzuyu (Twice) received attention on Pann Nate.  Netizens compared the difference in the charisma of the two Kpop beauties at the same age of 17.

Tzuyu was born in 1999, when she reached the age of 17 in 2016, the female idol has become one of the top visuals in Kpop.  Similarly, Jang Won Young (born in 2004) is the prominent visual of 4th generation Kpop. Although they are both bright and beautiful beauties, the two female idols have different charisma.  At the age of 17, Tzuyu exuded a mature, dignified look.  Meanwhile, Jang Won Young has a pure, youthful vibe.

Tzuyu’s cinematic charm at the age of 17.

Twice’s concept in the early years of debuting towards a youthful, sweet and innocent image, but Tzuyu is always the member with the most mature appearance in the group.
Tzuyu’s face exudes the seductive aura of a mature girl. Compared to other idols of the same age, she is a little “older”
The eyes filled with sadness made Tzuyu look like Hong Kong actors in the ’80s.
In 2016, even though he was only 17 years old and debuted for a year, Tzuyu did not look like a young rookie thanks to her elegant and luxurious vibe
In 2021, Jang Won Young turns 17. The female idol has matured in beauty and has a more attractive face than in 2018.
Although she is more mature than when she first debuted, Jang Won Young’s beauty is still fresh and pure.
At the age of 17, Jang Won Young easily implements young concepts like a schoolgirl.
Her charisma has not changed much, always appearing with a bright smile, pretty as a lady image on stage.
When taking off heavy makeup, Jang Won Young still retains a pure, lovely beauty, with chubby cheeks like a baby.
Online users said that the difference in beauty between the two idols makes Tzuyu look like the first princess, while Jang Won Young is as pretty as the youngest princess, at the same age of 17.

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