Kim Hee-chul, “I experienced dating someone I met on dating programs… That’s why the company stopped me from appearing on such shows”

Kim Hee-chul confessed that he did experience dating someone he met on dating reality programs in the past.

Singer Lee Seok-hoon and Song Ga-in appeared as guests on JTBC’s “Knowing Bros”, which aired on April 16th.


Lee Seok-hoon met his wife, ballerina Choi Sun-ah, when joining a Holiday Special of a dating program. Lee Seok-hoon recalled, “I received lots of offers from such programs at that time but I refused them all. However, I decided to appear on that one”, adding, “I appeared on that program as a job so I thought if I had feelings for someone, I would just hide it”. He continued, “We filmed for two days and I eventually got the feeling. I felt something really different. I had some kinds of thoughts like ‘If I marry her…’.”

Knowing Bros

Kang Ho-dong, who hosted “X-Man” and “Love Letter” in the past, wondered if there were any cases when couples on broadcasts dated in real life. Kim Hee-chul said, “I actually experienced that a lot. I dated someone who was not a couple with me on the show. So the company didn’t allow me to join that show again afterward”. On the other hand, Min Kyung-hoon said he found it burdensome to confess to someone you fall in love with at first sight. Kang Ho-dong argued, “How can you be so naive?”. Kim Hee-chul then said, “I liked that way. ‘You’re not smiling because you’re happy, but you feel happy because you’re smiling’… something like that. If you say you love her, you may end up having love”.

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