Fans in Love with aespa Karina’s Cat-Like Visuals with Short Shaggy Haircut 

With her new haircut, aespa Karina displays a flawless visual that captures attention.

Recently, aespa Karina cut off her long hair. On August 2nd, Karina uploaded a short video on her Instagram story. In the video, Karina was seen departing from Gimpo International Airport to Tokyo, Japan, for aespa’s overseas schedule.


With her short shaggy haircut, Karina impressed with her gorgeous visuals. Particularly, in the close-up shot, Karina’s flawless skin with no visible pores or blemishes amazes fans.

Karina has consistently maintained her long hair style since her debut. Her long wavy hair maximized her beauty, and the flowing long hair perfectly matched her chic aura.

As Karina effortlessly pulls off not only long hair but also a short shaggy hairstyle, fans and netizens can’t stop praising how pretty she is. 

On another note, aespa, will hold ‘aespa Live Tour 2023 Synk: Hyper Line in LA’ at the Crypto.com Arena in LA on August 13th, marking the start of their North America and Europe tour. Additionally, on August 18th, aespa is scheduled to release their second English single, ‘Better Things.’

Source: Insight

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