BLACKPINK gains attention as Brave Girls and Momoland unable to overcome “7-year curse”

After the disbandment of Brave Girls and Momoland, BLACKPINK, whose contract also expires this year, became a hot topic. 

Based on the standard celebrity contract, the contract period between a celebrity and an entertainment company is at least 7 years. As a result, many idol groups ended up disbanding after 7 years, creating the dreaded “7-year curse” in the Kpop industry. 

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The current line up of Brave Girls, which managed to turn the tide and enjoyed extreme popularity, failed to break this “7-year curse”. In particular, on February 16th, Brave Girls’ agency, Brave Entertainment, announced the group’s disbandment and final song “Goodbye”, adding, “The exclusive contracts of our four artists, Minyoung, Yujeong, Eunji, and Yuna, will end on this day.

Fans of Brave Girls were saddened by the news, especially since the group has had no music activity since the 2022 EP “Thank You” and remake song “How Come”. The group’s solo concert was also canceled, and fans can only meet Brave Girls through the farewell digital single “Goodbye”. 


Meanwhile, Momoland, which debuted in 2016, also announced the end of their activities on February 15th. In particular, the group’s agency, MLD Entertainment, said, “We would like to express our deep gratitude to Momoland for being with us as an artist for a long time. We also ask that the fans continue to love and encourage the six members who are about to start anew.”


At the same time, the members published handwritten letters, where they apologized to fans and promised that while the 6 of them are now apart, they will always be one team. 

Brave Girls and Momoland gained explosive popularity with their respective hit songs “Rollin” and “Bboom Bboom”. Both tracks occupied the top ranks of various music sites, leading to various commercial contracts and entertainment appearances for the two groups.

However, Brave Girls and Momoland’s releases after their hit songs did not produce much significant results. There were difficulties in continuing the popularity of “Rollin’” and “Bboom Bboom”, and as the hype died, activities also decreased. 

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On the other hand, BLACKPINK is also celebrating their 7th anniversary this year. Currently, BLACKPINK is on a world tour, which will end in June, while BLACKPINK’s contract with YG expires in August. This means that the world tour is BLACKPINK’s last schedule before they have to renew the contract. 

It is during this crucial period that YG Entertainment introduced the new girl group BABYMONSTER, raising doubts about BLACKPINK’s chances of renewal. In addition, the down payment for BLACKPINK, whose influence has grown, may also pose a problem. There have in fact been rumors that BLACKPINK Lisa was offered a guarantee of “100 billion won” from an overseas agency.

brave girls

As a result, with Brave Girls and Momoland serving as prime examples of disbandment, attention is being focused on whether BLACKPINK will join hands with YG again and continue their activities as a full group.

Source: Daum

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