BLACKPINK Lisa stuns viewers with long legs and golden body proportion 

Looking at the outstanding figure of BLACKPINK Lisa, netizens were shocked to learn of her real height. 

Recently, a photo of Lisa (BLACKPINK) from behind went viral on social media about how tall Lisa was. With long legs and high-heeled shoes, the main dancer of BLACKPINK left the audience in awe. However, viewers were more stunned to learn her height was actually less than 170 centimeters. With a jaw-dropping body proportion, Lisa received a shower of praise from fans, who said they thought she was way taller than 170 centimeters, with such intense the charisma and powerful physical appearance. 

In the viral photo, Lisa showed off her body and proportion that caused a shock when viewers learnt she was only 167 to 168 centimeters tall
blackpink lisa pant
An enviable physique and doll-like visuals shot Lisa to fame 
blackpink lisa
In the early days of debut, Lisa captured the attention with her standard physique  
blackpink Lisa
 Lisa’s long legs helped her steal the spotlight at fashion events

Source: K14

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