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(G)I-DLE Soyeon got angry at “Fantasy Boys” trainee who said he learned from Wheesung’s teacher

(G)I-DLE Soyeon made a sarcastic commentary.

On March 30th, the first episode of MBC’s new boy group audition program, “Fantasy Boys”, was released. “Fantasy Boys” delivers is the follow-up season of the MBC survival show “My Teenage Girl”, which produced girl group CLASS:y. Here, (G)I-DLE Soyeon, who was a mentor on “My Teenage Girl”, once again returns to her post.


On this day’s broadcast, the admission evaluation process of 54 trainees, who participated in the audition was conveyed. At this time, Moon Jae Young, a trainee with a brilliant career in street performances and singing competitions for many years, appeared. He selected SHINee’s “Stand By Me” and showed both singing and dancing. However, he showed unstable skills in both singing and dancing to the extent that the flashy modifiers that described him were overshadowed. His pitch continued to be unstable, and at last, his voice cracked. His dance was more like rhythm than choreography.

Mentor Jang Woo Young smiled and talked to himself, “Your action is clear. Your clothes are pretty, too.” Trainee Moon Jae Young said, “This is the outfit I bought while preparing for this idol audition. I bought it because I wanted to look like an idol at least a little.”

Hearing this, Soyeon looked surprised and laughed, “I think you made the wrong choice.” Although Soyeon pointed out the outfit indirectly, Moon Jae Young just laughed along with the mentors.


His tactless behavior continued while hearing the mentors’ comments. When asked “Have you ever learned to sing?”, he replied, “I took private lessons for about 2 years under a teacher named Kim Myung Ki, who taught ISU and Wheesung. I took lessons 7 times a week, 8 hours per lesson.” Kang Seung Yoon, who asked this question, sighed, “Oh, it’s a big deal. I almost insulted the teacher.” The mentors became solemn as a group when they heard that Moon Jae Young had learned his skills under a famous vocal trainer for a long time.

Then, as the mentors continued to comment on Moon Jae Young’s performance and skills, he seemed to be unable to take their words seriously and deflected it with explanations.

Soyeon, who had been silently watching Moon Jae Young’s attitude in listening to other mentors’ comments, cut off his words and picked up the microphone as if she could not stand it anymore. Soyeon pointed out, “I don’t think you understood it well because the seniors spoke so warmly, but the level of your stage was really like a talent show.” However, Moon Jae Young caused laughter as he bowed his head, saying, “Oh, that’s right. I’m sorry.”


Soyeon said, “You have to take it seriously and practice. The fact that you showed this much today means that there’s a huge problem with your practice method and your mindset.” When Moon Jae Young bowed his head and said “I’m really sorry“, Soyeon replied, “There’s nothing to be sorry about.”

Later, in an interview with the production team, Soyeon shared, “I was really angry at that time. Other producers explained to that friend a lot, but (Moon Jae Young) didn’t seem to know his own skills.”

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