Song Hye-kyo caused controversy over awkward French speaking in new drama

Song Hye-kyo, who is acting in the drama “Now We Are Breaking Up,” was embroiled in an unexpected controversy over her acting skills.

Song Hye-kyo plays the role of Ha Young-eun, the head of a fashion company’s brand design team, in SBS’s “Now We Are Breaking Up,” which is recently airing and gaining popularity.

Song Hye-kyo caused controversy over awkward French speaking in new drama

After its first broadcast, the drama has been cruising with a rating of 8% for the second episode, based on rating survey company Nielsen Korea.

The solid story and the visuals of the actors are what increases the viewers’ immersion, but some have raised controversy over Song Hye-kyo’s French speaking acting.

In the first broadcast, Ha Young-eun (played by Song Hye-kyo) tried to collaborate with world-class designer Olivier, but failed to win the contract due to another company’s material superiority.

Ha Young-eun personally came to ask Olivier to reconsider it, but Olivier coldly refused, saying, “I’ve already received three times the money and stamped the contract.

At this time, the two talked in French.

Regarding this, some pointed out Song Hye-kyo’s French acting, saying, “Her French pronunciation is so strange,” “I don’t know why she’s speaking the lines so sparsely,” and “Isn’t this like reading pronunciation written in Korean?” Some netizens pointed out that the actress used to act in English during KBS2’s “Descendants of the Sun,” and commented, “She was so awkward speaking English so her French is no different.

On the other hand, other netizens showed conflicting reactions, such as “Isn’t it okay as long as they understand each other?” and “It’s a scene where a Korean speaks French, how is it controversial?”

Meanwhile, Song Hye-kyo and Jang Ki-yong are showing a passionate performance in “Now We Are Breaking Up,” which is a story about breakup and love. The drama airs every Friday and Saturday at 10 p.m.

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