f(x) Luna, depression and panic disorder… “I’m not completely cured yet, but I made a comeback”

f(x) Luna confessed that she had a hard time due to depression and panic disorder.

On August 24th, Luna posted a picture of the musical “KPOP” on her Instagram and introduced, “KPOP Broadway reignited the hidden passion inside of me.”

Luna added, “In retrospect, I barely stopped. I kept grinding, practicing and doing whatever I could so that I could ‘keep going’. Much so, that my teenage memories consist of underground practice rooms, kimbap and tears. I kept most of this by myself, but just wanted to express my gratitude to everyone at KPOP for making me able to believe.

Luna confessed, “For the past 3 years, I’ve been suffering from depression and panic disorder, making it difficult and painful to even stand on stage. In fact, it was my biggest fear. I was afraid that it’d be a disappointing stage for my family and fans, who believed in me and waited for me. I didn’t want to cry anymore, but the tears didn’t stop, so I couldn’t stop hating myself.”

She continued, “I really wanted to give up. I couldn’t even move because my hands and feet trembled frequently. I couldn’t meet people, the thing I was most confident and liked, or receive text messages and phone calls.” She delivered good news, “After missing the time when I should have been strong enough to stand on my own, I felt more depressed and unbearable. But thanks to my family, Grida Entertainment staff and fans, who stayed by my side and waited for me to return to my place, I made a comeback like this.”

However, Luna explained, “I’m not completely cured yet, but I’m still living well. I’m ashamed to tell those who have endured pain alone for a long time like me that ‘Let’s not suffer alone until the day we get better, let’s overcome it together’, but I took courage.

She showed her bright side, “When this musical begins, it’ll last very long, so I wanted to cheer and comfort you before that. I’ll greet you often. I’ll go on stage with good health, joy and happiness.

Luna, who debuted as a member of f(x) in 2009, has been steadily working as a singer and musical actress since she stood on her own after the exclusive contract with her agency ended in 2019.

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