What will happen to HyunA and Dawn’s couple tattoos after the breakup? HyunA’s past conviction

With singers HyunA and Dawn breaking up after 6 years of dating, attention is being focused on the couple tattoos they got together.

On November 30th of last month, HyunA revealed the news of her breakup with Dawn on her Instagram.

Hyuna Dawn

In particular, the female idol calmly said, “We broke up. We decided to remain as good friends and colleagues in the future. Thank you for always cheering me on and for liking me.”

Ever since this announcement, netizens have been re-examining the couple tattoos that remain on HyunA and Dawn’s bodies, and express their regrets. 

In particular, back in July 2021, HyunA revealed a couple tattoo with Dawn. The duo engraved “LI” and “FE” on each of their arms, creating the word “LIFE” whenever they touch. 

Afterwards, HyunA revealed a newer couple tattoo in March, with her engraving “25” and Dawn “23” – the age when they first met. It is known that the couple has been dating for about 6 years, even before Dawn’s debut.  

HyunA Dawn

Now that HyunA and Dawn have separated, netizens are curious about the fates of these tattoos, and brought up a past remark of HyunA. 

Back in August, when she appeared on Lee Young Ji’s YouTube show “My Alcohol Diary”, HyunA answered Lee Young Ji’s question about her next tattoo and said, “If I put meaning to it.. I am removing this right now. I tend to remove it when I put meaning in it.


Accordingly, netizens are paying attention to whether HyunA will leave the couple tattoos as is or delete them.

They are also leaving comments on the Korean forum theqoo, such as “Cover up is possible”, “It would hurt to remove the tattoos, so maybe she will leave them alone”, “The tattoos are small enough, so it’s okay to leave them be”, “There’s always the chance of them reuniting”, and “If I were her, I won’t erase them.”

Source: wikitree

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