Even the BTS members are amazed by Jin’s handsome face

BTS Jin captivated fans with his dazzling visuals and natural entertainment sense in "Run BTS."

On November 29th, BTS released the latest episode of their self-made entertainment show “Run BTS” on their official YouTube channel “BANGTANTV” and Weverse. the episode is titled “Run BTS! 2022 Special Episode – ‘RUN BTS TV’ On-air Part 2”.

The video is Part 2 of the “Run BTS” special TV, in which BTS are both the performers and viewers. The members had to turn into one-person media teams for a given 15 minutes and create a content alone from content planning to directing and hosting.

Jin appeared with slightly permed brown hair and a dark navy knitted sweater, showing off his unrealistic visual as a representative visual.

bts jin

In “Run BTS,” which started with J-Hope‘s toy review corner, Jin raised the mood with his active reactions. In the next content, which is V‘s golfing corner, Jin showed his high expectations, exclaiming, “It’s golf. Golf.”

In RM‘s “Useless Super Power World Cup” corner, the members started debating between “Got what I want in every gacha game (cool time 7 months)” vs “A bag that you can put things in endlessly (But what you take out is random.” RM picked the former, which used Jin’s photo as an example, and said, “Jin is so handsome. Isn’t that right?” making Jin smile.

bts jin

During Ji Min’s turn to do an eating broadcast at the end of Run BTS TV, Jin showed his high tension and made everyone laugh with his pleasant jokes and pranks.

After watching this episode, BTS’s fans commented, “Even Nam Joon has to exclaim that Jin is so handsome during the Superpower World Cup,” “Seok Jin is both funny and handsome,” “Seok Jin admitted that the quokka looks like him,” Rise, the Quokka lovers!” “Seok Jin is so cute (crying)” and “Seok Jin’s both hot and sensibly funny, it’s not fair.”

bts jin

Source: Star News

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