Hyuna and Dawn reveal their special ‘numbers’ couple tattoos with a romantic meaning 

Singers Hyuna and Dawn unveiled their meaningful couple tattoos.

On March 28th, Hyuna posted a photo on her Instagram and tagged the account of her boyfriend Dawn. The released photo showed small tattoos of numbers 25 and 23 on the two’s arms. In fact, these are their ages when they first met each other.

HyunA Dawn

Hyuna engraved “23”, which was Dawn’s age when she first met him, while Dawn tattooed “25”, which was Hyuna’s age when he first met her.  Hyuna and Dawn are currently 31 and 29 years old, respectively, and have been dating for 6 years since 2016. In September last year, the two released a duet album called “1+1=1” and promoted the title song “PING PONG”.

HyunA Dawn

Earlier on the 3rd of last month, Dawn posted a photo of a ring on his Instagram and wrote, “MARRY ME♥”, to propose to Hyuna. Hyuna coolly replied, “Of course, YES”. Since then, many netizens have speculated that they would get married soon.

HyunA Dawn
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