Fans of TWICE get mad at “Good Morning America” for turning them into an unknown Kpop group and unthoughtful interview question

TWICE’s fans have expressed their dissatisfaction with the lack of professionalism of the American talk show that TWICE appeared in to promote The Feels.

After releasing their 1st full English single called “The Feels” on October 1, TWICE is currently receiving many positive reactions from fans with this track. Recently, the girls appeared on GMA3: What You Need To Know – a spin off of the national morning talk show Good Morning America (GMA), to promote and perform The Feels.

TWICE promoted The Feels on GMA

Video of TWICE’s talk and performance was then posted by Good Morning America on their YouTube channel so ONCEs (TWICE’s fans) who missed the live broadcast of the show could enjoy them later.

However, problems arose after the video was uploaded. TWICE had an amazing performance and brought a bright atmosphere to GMA3, but the title of the video is inappropriate, inadvertently disregarding the girls’ reputation. The original title given to the video was just a generic “Special K-Pop performance”, with absolutely no mention of the group or The Feels.

The original title of the video didn’t mention TWICE at all
This title is considered inappropriate and lacking respect towards TWICE’s contributions

Noticing the inappropriateness, fans immediately left comments asking GMA to change the title, because not mentioning TWICE is a total disrespect. TWICE is a top girl group in Korea, not just a random Kpop group:

  • This is not just a special K-pop performance, these girls are TWICE and their song is called The Feels!
  • Needless to say, the title is disrespectful! Should have at least included the name TWICE next to that “Special Performance”. Anyway, the girls’ performance was spot-on.
  • TWICE deserves respect! It’s not just a K-pop performance. The group’s name is TWICE and the song is The Feels!
  • Please change the title of this video and include the group name (TWICE) and the song name (The Feels) immediately. It would be better to also provide a link to the group’s music video and social media accounts as well.
  • Respect TWICE!
Fans immediately left comments asking GMA to change the title

Moreover, after watching the talk show, fans have also expressed disappointment with the hosts – Amy Robach and T.J. Holmes. Fans call out the hosts for being unthoughtful and showing their lack of research prior to the conversation with TWICE.

Specifically, Amy Robach said that the unique point that makes TWICE appealing is having singers, dancers and rappers in the same group.

Fans are also discontented with the interview
This host said that TWICE’s unique point is having singers, dancers and rappers in the same group

Amy Robach’s question was as follows, “What makes your group so unique is you have singers, dancers, you even have rappers. How do you blend all of your unique individual talents into a band that works?”.

Many fans think this question doesn’t make sense because most K-pop groups consist of singers, rappers, and dancers. BTS or BLACKPINK are the same.

Fans claim this question is meaningless because nowadays most K-pop groups have all these 3 key positions
Netizens express their wish that the hosts should study more about K-pop

Netizens left many comments about how common it is for vocalists, dancers, and rappers to be in the same group in the K-pop industry today and conveyed their wish that the hosts should have done more research on related topics before their interview with TWICE:

  • It’s a shame to do an interview without doing your research first. I’m pretty sure almost all current kpop groups have singers, dancers and rappers in the same groups!
  • I truly dislike American shows because the interviewers never do any research beforehand.
  • Is there even a K-pop group that doesn’t have vocals, dancers and rappers?

Currently, the title of the video on GMA’s official YouTube channel has been changed to “Global superstars TWICE perform their new hit song The Feels” according to the wishes of most viewers.

The video’s title is now changed following fans’ demand 

Source: K14

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