Im Yoon-ah, “No controversy for 15 years? It’s thanks to the pride of being a member of Girls’ Generation”

Singer-actress Im Yoon-ah looked back on what she have done and achieved in 2022.

“I think each member has the prince and confidence of being a member of Girls’ Generation. I think I’ve been living with that mindset and paying attention to my behavior”, said Im Yoon-ah (Yoona), an actress and member of the idol group Girls’ Generation, when asked about her secret of living sincerely and maintaining a clean profile without controversies throughout 15 years. 

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In an interview conducted at SM Entertainment building in Seongsu-dong, Seongdong-gu, Seoul on September 19th, Im Yoon-ah shared, “2022 has become the most memorable year in the past 15 years of my career”, adding “Acting in dramas, movies and carrying out singing promotions, I literally did everything at around the same time and that’s why some people called it ‘Yoona’s era’”.

MBC’s Friday-Saturday drama “Big Mouth”, starring Im Yoon-ah as the female lead, ended with its peak rating of 13.7%, breaking MBC’s highest viewer rating record. The movie “Confidential Assignment 2: International” also ranked No.1 on the box office chart and has attracted 4.73 million moviegoers as of September 18th. She also made headlines together with Girls’ Generation as they made their first comeback as a whole group in 5 years and gifted fans precious time.

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Showing her extraordinary love for fans, Im Yoon-ah said, “While working as an actor, I found the waiting period from when I filmed a work until it was aired very long”, adding “Fans liked and enjoyed seeing us performing in this comeback and that gave me lots of strength. The joy of fans has also become a driving force and great support for me to take my next step.”

Im Yoon-ah, who has been so well-loved as a member of Girls’ Generation, is now working diligently as an actress. In the recently ended drama “Big Mouth”, she played Ko Mi-ho and received favorable reviews for her acting in delicately expressing the character’s emotions.

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Lim Yoon-ah said, “Ko Mi-ho was the most emotional character I’ve ever played,” adding, “I tried to show my story with Chang-ho (Lee Jong-seok), my love for my family, and my sense of duty as a nurse in the story.”

“Big Mouth” has achieved positive results from high ratings to favorable reviews for the actors’ acting. Lim Yoon-ah said, “With this work, I have had the chance to experience emotional acting and accumulated a Noir genre in my filmography,” adding, “It feels like I’m taking a step-by-step challenge.”

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On stage, Lim Yoon-ah is still a lovely idol, and in her acting works, she is receiving favorable reviews for having the magic of becoming the character herself. Lim Yoon-ah said, “I felt very good to hear that I looked like the character I’m doing when I act or when I’m on stage,” adding, “I feel like I’m walking through given situations one by one every time, but I’m grateful that the people who have been keeping watch of me are looking at me differently now.”

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When asked if these achievements were burdensome for her, Lim Yoon-ah, who have been spending a wonderful 2022, said, “I’m a type of person who sees things in terms of process rather than results,” adding, “It’s not too much pressure because I tend to think a lot about how I’ve grown through those.”

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