Fans flustered at Cardi B not wearing underwear and showing her tampon string during performance

Cardi B shocked the audience as her tampon string was exposed in the middle of a performance.

On July 28th (local time), Cardi B had a performance in Las Vegas.

The female rapper wore a short yellow mini-dress that day. While dancing enthusiastically, she approached the audience in the front row and shook her butt. Fans confirmed that Cardi B was not wearing underwear even during the performance and they could see the white string of her tampon, a menstrual product for women.

cardi b

The audience was very surprised by Cardi B’s impromptu action. However, the rapper even touched her sensitive area as if she didn’t care about it. Without wearing shoes and underwear, the rapper was only focusing on her performance.

That day, Cardi B also got angry at the DJ. After finishing his song “I Like It”, she approached the DJ booth and held the microphone. He showed an angry expression when leaving the stage with the bodyguards. 

One fan explained that the DJ cut Cardi B’s song short during the concert, which made Cardi B angry.

cardi b

On July 29th, while performing ‘Bodak Yellow’ in Los Angeles, Cardi B threw her microphone onto the audience after a fan tossed a drink at her.

According to TMZ, the fan hit by the microphone reported Cardi B to the police the following day, but it’s not confirmed if it was the same person who threw the drink at her. Other concertgoers around the area where Cardi B threw the microphone were also affected.

On the other hand, on July 27th, Cardi B released a new song called ‘Jealousy’ with her husband Offset.

Source: Daum, Pagesix

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