Karina uses a mask from a high-end brand as a crop-top

The stylist’s variation helps the aespa member, Karina, show off her beautiful body with a very cool look.

Karina (aespa) attracted the attention of the Kpop fan community after wearing a unique shirt in a dance video.  Accordingly, the white bib-shaped two-piece shirt worn by the SM idol is originally a bandana-style mask from Alexander Wang.  This product is priced at 45 USD.

aespa karina Alexander Wang49559

With a slim figure, the Korean female idol can wear a variety of clothes, including a shirt sewn from a mask.  The stylist has skillfully sewn a branded accessory into a discreet but sexy item.  It helps the aespa member look dynamic and enhance her standard body.


Many people left comments about Karina’s outfit.  Most appreciated the stylist’s creativity and complimented Karina’s petite figure.

An account wrote: “When I watched it, I still admired Alexander Wang’s shirt, it looked so beautiful. But it turned out to be a mask”.

Another expressed: “I could not believe that a mask can be made into a shirt. It’s usually just a very small piece of cloth. Karina must be very slim”.

Source: zing

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