Fans are hyped after BLACKPINK members drop new videos dancing to LALISA

Rosé may have missed a few dance moves because she was busy hugging Lisa!

On September 24, BLACKPINK members have driven fans insane on all social media by constantly sharing clips and photos to catch up with the LALISA trend. LALISA is Lisa’s solo debut song, released on September 10. In the clip posted by Jennie, 3 BLACKPINK members wear hoodies with the word Lisa printed on and happily dance to the choreography of LALISA together. But Lisa is not seen with them.

3 BLACKPINK members dance to Lisa’s LALISAHaving so much fun that they forgot to ask Lisa to join them? 
Actually, Lisa was also there with her BLACKPINK sisters

But what makes fans even more “hyped” is Rosé’s couple dance with Lisa herself. In the 25-second clip posted by Rosé on her TikTok account, she was barely dancing, even forgetting most of the choreography, but fans still got excited because she kept hugging Lisa!


Chaelisa Love Me 💛 @bp_tiktok

♬ LALISA – 리사 (LISA)
Rosé did the LALISA challenge with Lisa herself

Fans can’t stop “sobbing” seeing Rosé showing her love for Lisa by constantly hugging her best friend. Rosé also posted the video to her TikTok with the caption: “Chaelisa love me”. The shippers of the Rosé – Lisa couple apparently found jobless because the girls are already sailing the ship themselves! 

She could be forgetting the dance and missing the beat
But she couldn’t stop hugging Lisa!
One way or another, Lisa couldn’t escape from Rosé’s arms!

The clip immediately reached 1 million likes and 3 million views after just over an hour of posting. As expected of the hot TikToker Rosé who is probably doing a better job at promoting Lisa’s solo than YG!

Rosé even included the name of her ship with Lisa in the caption!
blackpink lalisa 24092021 3

Rosé also surprised Lisa by twerking at the end of the clip. If anyone has watched Lisa’s MONEY performance video posted earlier today, the twerk would certainly look familiar. In MONEY’s dance video, Lisa’s twerk is one of the highlights. Rosé might have watched MONEY too many times!

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