Fanaccount said they saw Song Kang and Lee Jin-wook on the street, are they filming Netflix “Sweet Home” Season 2?

Fanaccounts claiming that they saw the filming site of season 2 of Netflix’s original series “Sweet Home” are drawing attention online.

On April 18th, Internet user A posted a photo of a broken car, saying, “I saw this at The Hyundai, which was closed today.”

sweet home 2

A said, “There was a broken car in front and there were extras playing armed police officers. Looked like they were filming something, but I think I saw Song Kang. I think it’s ‘Sweet Home 2’”.

In addition, another netizen also released a photo of a prop car with “Sweet Home 2” written on it, speculating that it was taken last weekend.

After hearing this, netizens responded in various ways, such as, “My acquaintance also said they saw Song Kang and Lee Jin-wook at that site,” “My heart is pounding,” “There’s no Lee Eun-hyuk?” and “This is so good.”

sweet home

Earlier, news of the production of season 2 of “Sweet Home” has been constantly reported. In December last year, actor Song Kang, who was the main character of the season 1, was reported to appear in season 2 which would be produced in 2022, but he replied in a phone call with Top Star News,  saying “It is still under discussion and has not been confirmed yet.”

Since then, news of Jin-young and Oh Jung-se‘s joining “Sweet Home” has been reported, but both the actor’s agency and Netflix said, “There has been no decision regarding their appearance.”

Meanwhile, Yuk Joon-seo, who made his face known through “Steel Unit,” drew attention by announcing that he was cast for “Sweet Home 2” last month.

Meanwhile, “Sweet Home 2” is a Netflix original drama based on a webtoon of the same name, and season 1 was first released in December 2020 where actors Song Kang, Lee Jin-wook, Lee Si-young, Lee Do-hyun, Kim Nam-hee, Ko Min-si, and Park Kyu-young appeared and performed enthusiastically.

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