Famous child actors Park So Yi and Kim Joon will melt viewers’ hearts this winter with their lovely appearances in new movie “Switch”

Child actors Park So Yi and Kim Joon will show off their cuteness as brother and sister in the upcoming movie “Switch”.

Park So Yi and Kim Joon, who were called “IU and Park Bo Gum of the child actor world” by actor Kwon Sang Woo, attended the press conference for the movie “Switch” on November 23rd. Park So Yi and Kim Joon appeared in “Switch” as twin siblings and performed real family chemistry with Kwon Sang Woo and Lee Min Jung.

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“Switch” tells the story of top star Park Kang, who is enjoying his splendid single life as an actor who guarantees 10 million viewers and scandal maker, seeing his life turn 180 degrees on Christmas.

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In 2020, Park So Yi appeared in the hard-boiled action film “Deliver Us from Evil” and impressed the audiences with her deep eyes and unrivaled presence. In the same year, “genius child actress” Park So Yi was selected to play the main character in the movie “Pawn” after winning a fierce casting competition with a rate of 300:1. She touched the hearts of viewers with her delicate emotional acting. 

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In “Switch”, Park So Yi plays Ro Hee, the younger sister of the twin siblings and the only child who knows the secret of her father Park Kang (Kwon Sang Woo), who becomes a different person overnight. 

Like Lee Min Jung commented, “She’s still young, but she has gained many acting experiences. She performed perfectly without making a mistake”, Park So Yi vitalizes the story with her professional appearance as well as her pure and bright charm.

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Kim Joon, who played Jo Jung Suk’s son Woo Joo in the famous series “Hospital Playlist” and gained viewers’ love with his playful and cheerful image, will make his debut on the big screen through “Switch”.

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Kim Joon takes on the role of Ro Ha, the first son of the twin siblings in the movie, who thinks his father Park Kang is the coolest person in the world. It is said that he showed high concentration levels and energy in acting immediately when the camera was turned on. 

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Referring to Kim Joon, actor Kwon Sang Woo said, “He’s born to be an actor. He really created many amazing scenes that saved our movie. I found the childhood world of Joon so cute”, raising expectations for the random actions and cute appearance Kim Joon will show through “Switch”.

park so yi kim joon

“Switch”, starring Park So Yi and Kim Joon, will be out in theaters nationwide starting on January 4th. 

Source: Daum

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