AKMU Lee Chan-hyuk’s unexpected behavior at Korea University Festival… The comment box was overturned

AKMU Lee Chan-hyuk drew attention with his unique appearance.

It was an unexpected performance.

akmu chanhyuk imstagram

AKMU had a congratulatory performance at Korea University’s Seoktap Daedongje Festival on May 26th. They dominated the stage with a spectacular session and drew enthusiastic applause.

akmu chanhyuk imstagram

What stood out the most on this day was Lee Chan-hyuk‘s “appearance”.

Lee Chan-hyuk walked on to the stage following member Lee Soo-hyun. He could not hide his excitement as he attended a university festival after a long time. In the end, he did a forward roll, shocking everyone.

Lee Chan-hyuk smiled as if he was satisfied with his appearance.

Netizens who saw this scene reacted enthusiastically in the comment box.

Source: wikitree

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