Facts about the “Cheer Up” male lead, Bae In Hyuk: ideal type reveal that might disappoint fans 

Interesting facts about the relatively new face in the industry, Bae In Hyuk, are revealed. 

“Cheer Up” is currently the drama receiving much attention from the audience. At the beginning, a large amount of attention was surprisingly directed towards the supporting male character Jin Sun Ho. However, as the series progresses, Park Jung Woo, played by Bae In Hyuk, is gaining ground. 

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Bae In Hyuk  plays the main male role in “Cheer Up”. Image: SBS 

Smooth-sailing career, widely known thanks to “My Roommate Is A Gumiho” 

Bae In Hyuk was born on April 4th, 1998 in Jeonju, Korea. The actor has what it takes to be successful in the industry: talent, passion and a sharp, handsome face. He started acting from 2019 by joining web drama projects and got the chance to appear as minor roles in television series “Was It Love?” and “The Spies Who Loved Me” in 2020. 

Having the chance to work with senior actors such as Yoo In Na, Eric Mun, Song Ji Hyo or Lim Ju Hwan, those supporting roles enabled the emerging actor to accumulate more precious experiences. What was left was a life-turning chance for the actor to make full use of. 

Bae In Hyuk in “My Roommate Is A Gumiho”. Source: tvN

The drama “My Roommate Is A Gumiho” was a hit last year and Bae In Hyuk was able to swoon viewers despite being a supporting actor. Many fans started to ship the on-screen couple Bae In Hyuk and Hyeri with many once supporting the Jang Ki yong and Hyeri couple. 

Also in 2021, Bae In Hyuk had the first role in a television show with a work called “At A Distance, Spring Is Green”, 2 years following his acting debut. 

 The actor made viewers fall heads over heels in “At A Distance, Spring Is Green”. Image: KBS2

While the series only garnered a medium success with 2.07% rating, the series was able to create good memories when the actor himself had to transform into a total opposite from himself. He was Nam Soo Hyun in the drama, a smart but cold guy who withdrew from others. Meanwhile, Bae In Hyuk shared in an interview with Hallyula that, in real life, he likes hanging out with his friends: 

“I like to hang out with friends and find myself very active. So, in terms of personality, I don’t feel like Soo Hyun at all. However, I somewhat understand his struggles. That’s when I had to take care of my family. Many people might not know but I have a younger brother. As the oldest child in the family, I always feel that I have to be responsible for everyone”.

1001 interesting things about Bae In Hyuk: Enjoying the feeling of loneliness, “Cheer Up” couple can hardly be a thing in real life

While the actor liked hanging out with friends, In Hyuk is also very happy if he can enjoy “just me and myself” moments. In fact, spending time alone is one of Bae In Hyuk’s hobbies. In those moments he gets to explore interesting places, to walk and contemplate the future.

Bae In Hyuk likes to meet up with friends, but he also wants to have some quiet moments for himself. Image: Actor’s Instagram 

As an actor, being away from home often is inevitable. Therefore, on holidays, Bae In Hyuk wants to be with his loved ones. He wants to travel with them, but if he can’t, the actor is hesitant to do so himself. 

Another interesting fact about Bae In Hyuk is that he is a dog lover. In Hyuk has a dog named Choco and he considers the dog as a child in his family. His first photo in Instagram and his current profile picture are of his pet dog. In an interview, the “My Roommate Is A Gumiho” star revealed that the last time he said “I love you” was when he showed his affection for Choco.

The first photo Bae In Hyuk posted on his personal Instagram was a picture of the pet dog Choco. Image: Actor’s Instagram. 

On his life love, Bae In Hyuk keeps things private and does not want it to be all over the press. That is why not much information is revealed about the personal aspect of his life. He only shared publicly about his ideal type on social media.

It’s hard for the “Cheer Up” couple to become real because Bae In Hyuk is not into tall girls, while Han Ji Hyun is 1m7 tall. Image: Actor’s Instagram 

Specifically, Bae In Hyuk revealed that he liked girls who are young, pretty, have long hair and are not too tall. Those shipping the main couple in “Cheer Up” were disappointed as the female lead Han Ji Hyun possessed a height up to 1m7.

Returning with “Cheer Up” the audience is very eager to see the “heart-warming” scenes between the two main characters. Hopefully, after “My Roommate Is A Gumiho”, Bae In Hyuk will have another successful work to add to his career. 

Source: K14

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