Posting a troll photo on Twitter, Jin (BTS) covered all the headlines in Korean media

In an impulsive moment, Jin (BTS) accidentally created a life-long meme for himself.

Even though BTS is successful throughout the world, from Aisa to even America, ARMYs sometimes still have to be “embarrassed” because of their idols.

In the latest episode of “Run BTS”, BTS members happily joined in Viking game together. Contrary to the younger members’ relaxation, Jin expressed his fear, screamed out loud despite his image. For more information, the show’s producer has intentionally cover his face to protect the title: “worldwide handsome”, but after all, Jin shared this funny moment to all the fans by himself.

bts run, bts jin, meme, funny

Jin’s hilarious expression when playing the game

After this photo was uploaded and entertained many fans, Jin uploaded another photo of his face combined with the famous picture “The Scream” of Edvard Munch on Twitter. This perfect meme really makes all ARMYs laugh their head off.


bts run, bts jin, meme, funny

Photos posted on Twitter

Jin only intended to help his fans to relax with his photo, but it quickly spread on the Internet in the wink of an eye. Many Korean newspapers has re-uploaded Jin’s tweet post with many hilarious title. With this unexpected PR, this seems to be the life-long meme of Jin and it can be used many times in the future by his fans.

bts run, bts jin, meme, funny

bts run, bts jin, meme, funny

Korean media continually make Jin’s meme into “headlines”.

So in this situation, no matter how successful BTS is, ARMYs still need to “get used to” these moments to not be surprised in these cases!

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