Jessi wants to be called the “older version” of Jennie (BLACKPINK)?

In a recent TV show, rapper Jessi revealed that she is often called the big version of Jennie (BLACKPINK).

Recently, TikTok players will certainly be no stranger to the viral tune of the song Zoom, which has been trending throughout Asia. The owner of the famous song, the big sister of the rapper Jessi recently participated in a reality show. Here, she mentioned Jennie‘s junior, making many fans feel excited.

Jessi in the MV Zoom

Specifically, Jessi and actress Lee Joo Myung appeared as guests on the show “Sixth Sense 3″. Here, everyone interacted with each other and MC Yoo Jae Suk expressed his feelings to actor Lee Joo Myung: “You’re so pretty. I’m a fan” and calling her “little Jeon Ji Hyun.”

Jessi is often referred to as “Old Jennie” by Knet.

When it was Jessi’s turn, she shared, “People call me old Jennie, do I look like the ‘old’ version of Jennie?”

BlackPink Jennie Sexy
Jennie was mentioned by Jessi on the show

Indeed, there are some similarities between Jessi and Jennie (BLACKPINK). Both are artists with unique fashion senses and are both talented rappers. Jennie also often appears with a hot, sexy and cool image, showing the “black” side of the group. Therefore, Knetizens think that Jessi and Jennie are very similar.

Jessi is a sexy rapper
while Jennie is also an idol rapper with a bold style


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