Kim Min-kyu clarified dating rumors with Seol In-ah, “The actors are all in contact”

Actor Kim Min-kyu mentioned Seol In-ah.

In MBC’s “Point of Omniscient Interfere”, which aired on May 7th, Kim Min-kyu appeared as a guest, and the scene in which he mentioned Seol In-ah was broadcast.

On this day, Hong Hyun-hee doubted, “Seeing you keep talking about that story with a flushed face, I feel like you have something with In-ah.” Jun Hyun-moo continued, “He talks about it a lot.” Kim Min-kyu was embarrassed, and Yang Se-hyung went on to say, “Your expression is awkward.”


Kim Min-kyu said, “The four of us are close.” Hong Hyun-hee asked, “It’s obvious. Do you keep in touch or not?” Kim Min-kyu replied, “The actors are all in contact.” Lee Young-ja then confessed, “I’m a fan, so I want you two to become a real couple.”

Kim Min-kyu was delighted, saying, “This kind of reaction is great. I’m proud as an actor.”


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