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Psy reveals how he was humiliated by Lee Byung-hun when filming “Gangnam Style” MV on “My Little Old Boy” 

Following last week’s episode, SBS’s “My Little Old Boy” will continue to feature world star Psy, giving great fun to the viewers with his all-time great sense of entertainment.

On the recording day, global star Psy, who created the ‘horse dance syndrome’ all around the world, will tell a sad but funny story of him being humiliated by actor Lee Byung-hun for his dance.


Psy confessed his extraordinary hardship when Lee Byung-hun, who becamePsy’s dance teacher”, kept saying “Do it again” while filming the music video together.

MC Seo Jang-hoon then commented, “After becoming a world-class top star with ‘Gangnam Style’, I think you have lost your ‘cheapness’ in the early days”. In response, Psy revealed his true feelings, saying, “I’m trying to get it back”.


In addition, “God of performances” Psy also mentioned his experience of a cross-dressing performance that got him exploded with anger.


Recalling the most embarrassing moment during the performance, Psy said, “At that time, I lost much of my self-esteem”, adding, “I was really lonely and sad”, making the viewers curious about what happened.


The nonstop stories of Psy, a “human blockbuster” that made the whole studio explode, can be found on the new broadcast of SBS’s “My Little Old Boy” at 9:05 p.m on May 8th.

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