Who is the goddess of the Baeksang Arts Award? Best-dressed Suzy vs. Worst-dressed Jeong Ho-yeon

The Baeksang Arts Awards has ended successfully.

Aside from the tense atmosphere at the award ceremony as everyone held their breath waiting for the name of the winners, the red carpet fashion of stars also caught the public’s attention among many different attractions of the award ceremony. Many stars have created new “legendary” moments with their unique fashion sense, but some stars have failed to impress due to their excessive desire to challenge. Below are the best and worst looks at the latest Baeksang Arts Awards.


Thumbs up!

Suzy arrived at the awards ceremony wearing a black satin dress with a mature bust detail. Her off-shoulder dress with cool shoulder details and a feminine waistline give Suzy an elegant look. It is a perfect dress look that shows off Suzy‘s innocent and modern charm.


It’s pretty!

Seohyun was like a fairy from heaven. Her dress impressed everyone with its bold cleavage cut and shoulder details. The feminine sensibility created by the white dress with fluffy sleeves and the chiffon materials appropriately added to Seohyun‘s princess-like vibe. Both her necklace, which emphasizes her neck, and the innocent untied hairstyle are impeccable.


So so


Kim Tae-ri stood on the red carpet this time with a short top that barely covered her bust. The top part of her dress, which boldly attempted to sensibly reveal her curves, adds a lively atmosphere with light wrinkle details. Thanks to the dress that adds a feminine vibe to her body line, Kim Tae-ri went to the ceremony with a simple look that does not stand out much but is still pretty enough.

Who’s your coordi?


Jeon Jong-seo showed a dress look that is as intense as her strong acting. Both the slip-type dress with bold jewelry and her naturally trimmed hairstyle are hard for the audience to take their eyes off. In particular, the half-thick shoulder details with jewels made her upper body look regrettably puffy. Jeon Jong-seo should have chosen a monotonous look that could emphasize her chic vibe.



Is Jeong Ho-yeon too confident in her “World Wide Class”? Jung Ho-yeon presented a unique fashion that matched a lace-detailed dress with a vintage feel and red long boots. It’s a somewhat experimental look, but if you look at Jung Ho-yeon’s unique fashion sense, you can fully understand this outfit. However, this look, which is difficult to handle with an “ordinary” fashion sense with the hem of the dress that falls in halfway, the too-vintage material, and the boots that seem to have forgotten the sense of the season, seems unfamiliar to be at an awards ceremony.


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