EXO’s D.O. Confesses His Affection For AKMU’s Lee Su-hyun “Actually, I Kind Of Like Su-hyun”

EXO’s D.O. confessed his affection as a fan for AKMU’s Lee Su-hyun

Jinusean, D.O., O3ohn and Shinae An Wheeler appeared on KBS 2TV’s music talk show “The Seasons – AKMU’s Five Nights”, which aired on Sep 22nd.

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D.O., who recently made a comeback with his second mini-album “Expectation”, said, “I like cooking. I even obtained a cook license in Korean cuisine and served as a cook in the military.”

D.O. previously showcased his excellent cooking skills on the variety show “No Math School Trip”.

Next, Lee Su-hyun asked, “I heard there’s a song that you’re really into lately. What song could that be?

D.O. mentioned “Fry’s Dream”. Lee Chan-hyuk laughed and said, “Isn’t it a bit far-fetched?

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Lee Chan-hyuk wondered, “The title is ‘Fry’, but the content isn’t related. This song is like Su-hyun’s solo song. Is there a special reason you chose this song?

D.O. expressed his affection as a fan, “Actually, I kind of like Su-hyun. It’s nice to see her.”

Lee Su-hyun playfully suggested “Let’s switch seats” then pushed her brother Lee Chan-hyuk and sat next to D.O..

exo d o

She continued, “This song is really difficult. It’s incredibly challenging, and I feel so honored that D.O. is going to sing it. I haven’t seen anyone cover ‘Fry’s Dream’ yet. I’m curious about what it will feel like.”

D.O. then treated the audience with his sweet rendition of “Fry’s Dream” and received applause.

Source: Daum

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