Rosé (BLACKPINK) showed off her explosive visual, published her picture and tagged Loren after the dating rumor

With just a few behind-the-scenes photos, Rosé (BLACKPINK) has made netizens excited

Today (October 9), Rosé (BLACKPINK) has made people excited just by releasing 2 pictures on Instagram. In the photo, the girly idol of BLACKPINK became a ‘supermodel’ in the behind-the-scenes photos of Lovesick Girls. She has just overwhelmed people with her beauty and immense charisma, showing off her curves and especially the “legendary” waist. 

In BLACKPINK, Lisa and Jennie are the two members that are appreciated with the spirit as of professional models. However, at present, Rosé is more appreciated than the two members above. But besides that, people also pay special attention to the caption. Rosé posted photos and tagged LOREN – the “Crown Prince” of Naver Group (the son of the chairman of Naver Group) despite of the dating rumors. 

Rosé shows off her visual with a perfect look like a living doll
In just 1 photo, Rosé was able to show off her aura like supermodel, perfect body and beautiful face lines.

Specifically, Rosé sent a special thanks to LOREN: “Also, thank you to @lorenisalone  for helping me out with the acting!! It was super funny and awkward at first but I’m very happy with the outcome. And the writing on the guitar was also Loren’s idea so big big credits to him!” 


Through the caption, it can be seen that Rosé had a good time with LOREN. Some fans believed that she openly showed her love and even proudly showed off her rumored lover. Someone also said that Rosé did not pay attention to those rumors and only considered LOREN as a close, talented colleague, so she dared to post photos and write messages like this.

Sources: instagram, k14

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