“Every day is like hell”… A former girl group member who suddenly complained of assault damage

Cho Min-ah, who fainted due to hyperventilative shock, made a meaningful comment that raised suspicion of assault damage.

Former Jewelry member Cho Min-ah announced on her Instagram on May 16th that she had an emergency due to hyperventilative shock.

On this day, she said, “While Kang-ho (Cho Min-ah’s son) was sleeping soundly, his mother was thrown to the floor and fainted due to hyperventilative shock. 119 came, and the police came.” She continued, “I was so surprised that I had hyperventilation for the first time yesterday after meeting Kang-ho. Fortunately, when Kang-ho was awake, I was smiling broadly next to him.” She added, “No matter what happens, even if my body hurts or my heart hurts, I’m always by Kang-ho’s side with bright energy. Because I’m a mother. I just want to be happy alongside Kang-ho.”

Cho Min-ah

In the meantime, Cho Min-ah responded to a comment posted by a netizen believed to be her friend, “Yesterday too, they kicked and broke the doorknob of the main room, grabbed my nape, threw me to the floor, then I got a bad fall. In front of 119, they did CPR in advance, and after 119 left, they began to use abusive language again. Every day is like hell. Please help me.”

Cho Min-ah

Netizens showed reactions such as “What are you talking about? Hyperventilation? Police?”, “Throw to the floor? This should never happen. Don’t let it slip easily”, “What the hell is this? Don’t just move on and be firm for the sake of your baby. Take your time to think about what’s better in the long run and don’t be scared because there are many people next to you”…

Cho Min-ah

Cho Min-ah did not publicly disclose details, and it is not known exactly who she was talking about. Wikitree contacted Cho Min-ah to find out more about the situation, but has yet to receive an answer.

Cho Min-ah

Meanwhile, in November 2020, Cho Min-ah announced that she and the CEO of a fitness center who is 6 years older than her became a legal couple after marriage registration. She got married in February last year and gave birth to her first son in June.

Source: Wikitree

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