“The Sound of Magic” Hwang In-yeop: “Have only acted as roles with one-sided love, doesn’t improve my skill at all”

Actor Hwang In-yeop talked about his efforts to perfectly portray Na Il-deung of “The Sound of Magic” and his collaboration with actors Ji Chang-wook and Choi Sung-eun.

Hwang In-yeop, who played the role of Na Il-deung in the new Netflix series “The Sound of Magic” (director Kim Sung-yoon), appeared in a video interview on the morning of May 12th. “The Sound of Magic” tells the story of a mysterious magician Rieul (Ji Chang-wook) appearing one day in front of Yoon Ah-yi (Choi Sung-eun), a girl who lost her dream, and Na Il-deung (Hwang In-yeop), a boy who is forced to dream.

Based on Ha Il-kwon’s popular webtoon of the same name, the series, which combines magic, music and choreography, has remained in high rankings after being ranked fourth worldwide in the Netflix TV program category just two days after its release.

Hwang In Yeop

Na Il-deung, played by Hwang In-yeop, is a genius who was born into a good family and always stays in 1st place, but his dream is lost. Hwang In-yeop did a great job from showing his fresh unrequited love for Yoon Ah-yi to growing up after meeting Rieul.

Hwang In-yeop said, “He thinks he will succeed if he just studies as his parents tell him to. So he doesn’t know what he likes. Then he met Rieul and got the chance to think about himself. He is not good at expressing his feelings in front of the girl he likes. He is a pretty boy who fits his age.”

Also, “I thought hard about how to express a crude and clumsy-in-feelings young boy. I put a scratch device on the back of my neck because my character had a wound and lack of affection. I think he is a good combination of lack of affection and boyish beauty. He’s a little different from me in my school days, so I did my best to understand. I had a lot of meetings with the director and came up with a conclusion about what kind of Na Il-deung I should portray,” he said.

Hwang In Yeop

Hwang In-yeop said, “My father is softhearted and kind, unlike Na’s father, whose grades come before his son’s happiness in the drama. He always told me that you will be happy if you live and get to do what you want to do. He said he wanted me to find something that wouldn’t make me tired even if I stayed up all night. He also told me that I don’t have to study. So I was a little freer to think and do what I want.”

Following his previous work “True Beauty,” Hwang In-yeop plays another role as a high school student. Hwang In-yeop said, “I started acting as a student in my 30s,” adding, “I didn’t audition just to think about my age. The director cast me only based on my potential, so I did my best. Thank you for loving me so much.”

Hwang In Yeop

“I’ve only been acting as a man with a one-sided crush,” he said. “I even put a question mark on my head. I have thought ‘Why doesn’t she like me?’, ‘Can’t she like me?’. When asked if his actual unrequited love experience helped in his acting, he said, “Not at all,” and replied honestly, “The character I played was more courageous than me.”

“I didn’t think of it at all. It turned out that my parents looked younger than their real age. How many more school uniforms can I wear for acting in the future? I think I can leave the prettiest and most beautiful side of me this way,” he said with a smile.

Hwang In Yeop

When asked about his chemistry with Ji Chang-wook and Choi Sung-eun, Hwang In-yeop said, “Ji Chang-wook is cool even on set. He’s a senior that I want to learn from. I was nervous, but he always made the filming scene bright. Thank you. Looking at him, I always think that I want to be a good senior like him. I was very grateful,” he expressed his affection.

He then talked about Choi Sung-eun, “Our communication was very good. We talked a lot. I was thankful of that when I acted because we always conveyed good feelings well. I was so grateful that I wanted to work with her again if I had a chance,” he said repeatedly. He then said, “When I had any concern, she gave me her advice from the side. She is young, but I relied on her a lot because we both played the same role as high school students. Choi Sung-eun worked hard by my side, so I was able to portray Na Il-deung with my best,” he added.

Hwang In-yeop, who celebrated his fourth debut anniversary this year, will hold his first Asian fan meeting tour in Singapore, Indonesia, the Philippines and Thailand, starting in Korea on July 24th. “I really wanted to meet my fans one day. I wanted to meet them in person and show them my gratitude. They have loved me more than I can handle,” he said. “I’ll work harder.”

Source: Daum

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