“Charity Angel” Kang Daniel and Lisa of BLACKPINK won first place at the Hall of Fame in May

Kang Daniel and Lisa of Blackpink were crowned as Charity Angels of this month.

In the idol ranking service “Favorite Idol,” Kang Daniel and BLACKPINK Lisa were selected as the 80th Charity Angels in May by converting their 30-day rankings into scores.

‘My Favorite Idol’ converts 30-day votes into points, and if a star achieves 1st place in the Hall of Fame, he will be selected as a Charity Angel this month, and activities Donations, as well as advertising on the subway, will be featured. In the names of Kang Daniel and Lisa, who became Charity Angels in May, 500,000 won each will be donated to the Milal Welfare Foundation, for a total of 1 million won. Advertising for the subway CM board can be seen at Express Bus Terminal Station from May 30.


Kang Daniel maintained the top spot for 30 days with the support of the fandom Danity and achieved first place in the male individual category. Kang Daniel, who became the donation angel for a total of 33 consecutive times, has donated a total of 88 times so far. The amount donated through ‘My Favorite Idol’ is 44 million won. Kang Daniel will make a comeback with his first full-length album ‘The Story’ on the 24th.

BLACKPINK’s Lisa took the first place in the cumulative score in the female individual category. Lisa, who achieved a donation angel for 13 consecutive months, has donated 16.5 million won in accumulated donations through a total of 33 donations so far. This is the result of the steady support of the fandom Blink.


Topping the list is remarkable given the fact that placing second and third places are both popular male idols. BTS Jimin landed the second spot, while other BTS members, V, Jin and Jungkook, owned the third, forth, and fifth spots in the order. On the other hand, on the female individual rankings, Tzuyu ranked 2nd, Jisoo ranked 3rd, Rosé ranked 4th, and Jennie ranked 5th. It is clear that the competition between TWICE and BLACKPINK’s fandoms can be seen.

Twice Tzuyu

Source: MKSports

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