EVERGLOW Yiren returns to Korea after spending 1 year in China

Wang Yiren, a member of girl group EVERGLOW, may be resuming activities with the group after arriving in Korea. 

On the afternoon of November 8th, EVERGLOW Wang Yiren arrived at Incheon International Airport, marking her return to Korea after 1 year of activities suspension. 

Her return is raising high expectations about EVERGLOW’s first comeback with a full member lineup after 1 year.


Previously in January, EVERGLOW’s agency Yuehua Entertainment announced that Wang Yiren will be going to China and suspending activities with EVERGLOW to focus on her studies and spend time with her family, whom she has not met for a long time due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Then, Wang Yiren is said to have set up a personal studio and appeared on Chinese entertainment shows, raising concerns that she may be leaving the group for good, following the case of other Chinese idols.

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However, Yiren’s recent return has calmed down most of these worries. 

Source: FB

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