LE SSERAFIM Sakura discloses the story behind her “disheveled airport look”

Sakura, a member of LE SSERAFIM, mentioned her viral “disheveled airport appearance” back during “Produce 48”. 

On May 11th, girl group LE SSERAFIM appeared on a video that was published on the YouTube channel “MMTG”. Here, the girl group discussed various topics, and Sakura became the center of attention when her appearance on the Mnet’s audition show “Produce 48” was brought up.

In particular, back when she was competing in “Produce 48”, a photo of Sakura at the airport before flying to Korea became viral. Unlike other idols, who look polished in their airport fashion, Sakura looked as if she just woke up, with messy hair and glasses, while still hugging a pink plushie in her arms. 


Seeing her own funny appearance, Sakura explained that in the Japanese idol culture, fans don’t often come to the airport. As a result, Sakura never paid much attention to airport appearance at the time, leading to the disheveled look. 

On the other hand, in the same MMTG episode, Kazuha and Sakura also experienced a “culture shock” when mentioning their “must-check-in” spots in Korea. 

Source: VKR 

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