Netizens are shocked by IZ*ONE Sakura’s bare face

Sakura’s true beauty is currently a hot topic of discussion among netizens.

Miyawaki Sakura, also known by her stage name Sakura, was once the most famous visual of IZ*ONE. Although she has only worked in Korea for more than 2 years, the Japanese female idol is often praised by Knet for her pure and charming beauty like a true princess. Up to now, when she returned to her hometown after IZ*ONE disbanded, all of Sakura’s activities still catch Knetizens attention.

Most recently, Sakura caused a storm of public opinion when revealing her true beauty in a makeup tutorial video on her personal YouTube channel. Through the video, the female idol received many compliments for her big round eyes, elegant facial features, and makeup skills. However, her bare face disappointed many people. Many netizens think that when there is no lipstick, it is no longer fresh. Her skin with many defects and angular jawline makes her look older.

Japanese beauty Sakura appeared with a mask at the beginning of the video. Even though she covers more than half of her face, the female idol still makes a strong impression with her signature big eyes

However, when she took off the mask, Sakura’s real beauty shocked many viewers

The female idol disappoints fans with her skin
However, she quickly regained her goddess-like look after putting on makeup
And this is Sakura after finishing her makeup. She looks so much more beautiful and radiant than when she was bare-faced

Sakura is known as a member of Japanese groups HKT48 and AKB48, then debuted with IZ*ONE. Once criticized for being just beautiful and having no talent, but after 2 years working in Korea, Sakura has made great progress in singing, dancing and stage skills. Netizens also gave many compliments to Sakura for her efforts to overcome prejudices and improve herself quickly. Her visual is also rated as outstanding after applying Korean-style makeup looks and hairdo.

Source: K14

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