Battle between fans of BLACKPINK and BTS over the fact that the BigHit boy group has never attended Coachella

Many fans of BLACKPINK think that BTS is not yet at the level to stand on the Coachella stage, thereby sparking a battle between the two fandoms.

BTS and BLACKPINK are the two groups that now represent Kpop. Because they both have top positions and large global fan bases, the media and the public are continuously discussing and comparing them, resulting in a conflict between two fandoms.

Recently, the battle between BTS and BLACKPINK fans has become tenser. Specifically, some netizens think that BTS is not worthy of the title of the top group, because although the boys possess global popularity and have performed on many stages around the world, they have never appeared at Coachella – the biggest music festival on the planet, which BLACKPINK attended in 2019.

ARMY immediately rushed to defend BTS with many arguments. Up to now, BTS is still the only K-pop artist to have performed at the 4 biggest awards ceremonies in the US: BBMAs, AMAs, VMAs and Grammys. In addition, the HYBE boygroup also appeared at the United Nations.

However, BLINKs still gave their opinion: “Coachella is the biggest music festival on the planet. Up to now, BLACKPINK and Epik High are the only 2 Kpop artists who have attended and will attend Coachella”.

In response to this statement, BTS‘s fans continued to protest that Coachella is really big, but whether it is as big as the stadium tour, where tens of thousands of fans come to the concert in one night just for BTS alone, not for anyone else.

After all, Coachella really boosted BLACKPINK‘s popularity, but the 4 YG girls weren’t the only focus of the day. And obviously, all comparisons are lame.

Some comments:

  • Coachella is the biggest music festival on the planet, but all A-, B-, C-, and D-list artists can perform there. The stadium tour is only for A- and S-list artists with strong fandoms. Tens of thousands of fans coming just for BTS is completely different from hundreds of thousands of fans coming for different artists.
  • In the history of music so far, only 12 artists can sell out all tickets at Wembley Stadium – Britain’s largest stadium and BTS is one of them.
  • When BLACKPINK went to Coachella, the media made a fuss as if it were the representative place of the whole music industry. Meanwhile, BTS went to Billboard, Grammy, United Nations, held a stadium tour, but because the group is so big, everyone takes it for granted.
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