This K-drama has the most impressive fashion, yet received mixed reviews

Revolving the love, life, and career of characters who work in the fashion industry, it comes as no surprise that this K-drama has excellent styling.

The new K-drama “The Fabulous” was recently released in full on the OTT platform Netflix, and brought a fresh wind to the somewhat grim and serious year-end K-drama scene. Revolving around young people who work in the fashion industry, “The Fabulous” introduces the audience to 4 main characters: Ji Eun (Chae Soo Bin) – who is the PR manager of a luxury brand, Woo Min (Min Ho) – a freelance photographer, Seon Ho (Park Hee Jung) – a famous model, and Joseph (Lee Sang Woo) – a tactful fashion designer. 

the fabulous

Since the series’ main focus is the fashion industry, it understandably boasts impressive styling for each and every character. Even in their daily lives, the major cast never fail to serve looks with their respective outfits – which are unique to their characters, yet harmonious with bright and lively shades. 

the fabulous
The harmonious yet still characteristic style of the 4 main characters 
Chae Soo Bin
Ji Eun has an eye-catching and fashionable style 
the fabulous
Woo Min opts for a chic and mature wardrobe 
the fabulous
Seon Ho often dons seductive and high-fashion outfits 

Unfortunately, while “The Fabulous” is highly praised for its fashion, the drama’s plot received a lot of mixed reviews. Some audiences even went as far as to call “The Fabulous” “the Korean version of ‘Emily in Paris’”, implying that the series is “meaningless entertainment.”

the fabulous
Joseph never fails to go all out with colors and style 

However, a lot of people object to such harsh comments, claiming that while there are some controversial details, “The Fabulous” managed to convey its own message. According to them, the series talks about the dedication and hard work of youth people, who retain a positive and stable mindset, which pull them through even the toughest environments. 

the fabulous

In addition, it is a great series for entertainment, with a good chunk of humor and pleasant visuals. And, who’s to say every K-drama needs complexity and plot twists to be enjoyable?

Source: k14 

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