YG Kpop idols who totally dismiss their company’s rules and hang out with the opposite sex

To avoid dating scandals, YG, along with many other agencies, bans their idols from having opposite-sex friends. But these idols just simply don’t care. 

Every Kpop agency imposes super strict rules to manage their artists, and YG is no exception. In particular, the entertainment company would limit interactions between male and female idols, and try to prevent romantic feelings between their artists. But these rules simply don’t work for a lot of idols, specifically the rappers under YG

Recently, the youngest member of BLACKPINK, Lisa, appeared at a WINNER concert, alongside Jinhwan & Donghyuk, two members from the group iKON. Lisa was simply close to these male idols, and interacted super freely with them.

Fans detected Lisa attending a WINNER concert with two male idols from iKON. 
Lisa and Donghyul side by side in a photo.

At the concert, Lisa turned into a total fangirl, waving around a lightstick and cheering out loud. When WINNER members learned of her appearance, they even got off the stage and talked to Lisa like true brothers and sister. People also noticed Lisa’s closeness to iKON’s Donghyuk and pointed out various past interactions between them, which shows clearly Lisa’s disregard of the company’s rule. 

The cute interaction between members of 3 YG idol groups.
Lisa’s close relationship with iKON’s Donghyul drew attention. 

Previously, Lisa also acted quite chummy with WINNER’s Seunghoon. On the male idol’s Instagram reel, they together danced to Dancin’ (Krono Remix). Seunghoon made up a new nickname for the BLACKPINK member and called her Leesa. 

Lisa and Seunghoon dancing together at YG’s headquarters.

The two also showed their friendship during Lisa’s promotion for her solo song “Money”, with Seunghoon posting a video where he and Lisa danced to the song. Previously, while attending the 2017 Korea Music Festival, the duo also had fun playing games together off the stage.

Seunghoon dancing to “Money” to support Lisa’s solo debut.
The duo were gamer buddies during an old event.

And Lisa is not the only member that broke the rules either, seeing that Jennie did the same thing with WINNER’s rapper Mino. In November 2011, Jennie was caught attending Mino’s solo concert, and even posted photos of her and her senior behind the scenes. The female idol also gifted Mino a present, who then posted a picture of it and tagged Jennie as thanks on his Instagram story. 

Jennie appeared at Mino’s solo concert.
The friendship between Mino and Jennie is a famous male-female one in the Kpop industry.
Mino posted his thanks to Jennie twice since he got the female idol’s name wrong the first time.

Mino and Jennie had so many interactions together that even YG couldn’t do anything. They are close both on and off the stage, even leading dating rumors. 

YG can’t do anything about Mino and Jennie’s closeness.
They often take photos together.
And never hesitate to interact, despite the company’s ban.
Some fans even noticed what were allegedly “couple items”.

Another male-female relationship within YG is the one between Jennie and BIGBANG’s G-Dragon. On February 24, 2021, the couple became an instant hot topic after Dispatch revealed they were dating. Basically, this was the power couple of the year, with both being rappers from two top Kpop idol groups. 

Regarding their close relationship, Jennie once shared that she used to be nervous and clueless about how to act at music shows. It was G-dragon that guided her, the female idol said, which was one element that created the powerful and charismatic Jennie of today. 

The relationship between Jennie and G-Dragon used to be the talk of town.

As strong and rebellious rappers, these YG artists simply don’t care about their company’s ban. Instead, they freely interact with each other and even hang out during their off days. 

Male and female idols in YG totally disregard the ban to support each other.

Many fans believe that banning interaction between the opposite sexes is simple nonsense. That’s why they are super excited at every close friendship between YG artists.  

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