Apple Music’s “Artist of the Year” threw a fan’s phone into the water

During Bad Bunny’s recent trip to the Dominican Republic, he grabbed the phone of a female fan who approached to take selfies with him and threw it into the water.

Bad Bunny

This scene was captured in a video taken by fans around him. The woman whose phone was thrown made a shocked expression. Since then, the video has spread rapidly online, raising criticism towards Bad Bunny.

Bad Bunny
Bad Bunny

Bad Bunny started to deal with the situation. On Jan 3rd, he posted on his Twitter account, “The person who comes up to me to say hello, to tell me something or just to meet me, will always receive my attention and respect. Those who come and put a phone in my face, I will consider it for what it is, a lack of respect, and I will treat it likewise.”

Some netizens commented in defense, saying that Bad Bunny did it out of anger because his privacy was invaded. On the other hand, many people claimed that throwing a fan’s phone into the water was a violent and excessive act.

Bad Bunny has been named the world’s most streamed artist for 3 consecutive years on Spotify. Last year, he was nominated in 8 categories at the American Music Awards. It was also reported that he would join the Marvel movie “El Muerto”.

Source: wikitree

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