The last figure embroiled in the sensational sex scandal is Kris Wu’s mother? Scammer’s identity was revealed

1 week after Kris Wu’s shocking sex scandal broke out, netizens still pay attention to all the new details of the case.

Kris Wu’s shocking sex scandal became more and more serious when the police decided to get involved. In addition to the two main characters of the case, Wu Yifan (Kris Wu) and 19-year-old hot girl Du Meidzu, the scandal also involved 3 other characters, including Mr. Xu (who helped Du Meidzu write articles), Mr. Liu (23-year-old scammer) and Stacey Wu (the male singer’s mother).

Stacey Wu – Kris Wu’s mother

After Beijing police announced information related to the detailed order of the case, many netizens questioned Liu * Yao – who impersonated both Wu Yifan and Du Meizhu to deceive both sides. According to investigative information, Liu * Yao is the person who is best known as “Teacher Tony”, who works as a barber, is 23 years old this year, and only finished middle school. He has an appearance that is not inferior to Kris Wu.

Liu * Yao

“Teacher Tony,” according to the informant, has a shady past. He took out a large loan and was unable to repay it. Someone on Weibo accused Tony of borrowing 100,000 yuan since his father was sick with encephalitis and needed money to get to the hospital for treatment.

However, in the case of Liu * Yao (or teacher Tony), the authorities stated that the scammer was apprehended in Jiangsu, which is also Ms. Stacey Wu’s hometown. As a result, netizens wonder if these two persons are linked.

Wu Yifan’s mother is believed to be the one who chose each member of the male singer’s crew. She didn’t trust anyone else, which is why the male singer’s crew changed frequently for a long time because many people couldn’t bear the pressure for three months. Will Wu Yifan’s mother remain silent and let the staff handle themselves when the scandal becomes too serious?

In addition, netizens have noticed that the chat account of the Kris Wu studio has an avatar that looks exactly like the account avatar named “** Yao”, who transferred the amount of 300,000 yuan to Du Meidzu. This suspicious coincidence led fans to believe that “** Yao” and “Liu * Yao” were the same person, sparking rumors that Liu * Yao was actually a member of Kris Wu’s studio.

It is possible to say that Liu * Yao is the factor that complicates the case between Wu Yifan and Du Meidzu as he played multiple roles at the same time. If Liu * Yao is, in fact, the one controlled by the male singer’s studio, this is a historical plot twist that will only add to the confusion.

In another development, Chinese lawyers have many different views on Du Meidzu. So far, Kris Wu has not been confirmed to have raped her or not. The events leading up to, during, and after the incident will determine whether the male singer and Du Meidzu have a sexual relationship against the will of the hot girl or not and whether it is a criminal circumstance or not.

Notably, Du Meidzu admitted that after having sex, she continued to eat and drink, receive money for shopping from Kris Wu, the two even added friends on social networks, etc. It is unclear whether she was raped due to alcoholism or circumstances against the wishes of the female side. This means, the available information cannot judge whether Wu Yifan committed rape or not, of course, it also does not exclude that this idol really committed the crime.

Furthermore, Du Meidzu and her friends may be suspected of provoking noisy social media conversations. Du Meidzu and her friends planned to expose Wu Yifan in order to gain popularity from him, according to the authorities. If any information is false, fictitious, or infringes on the privacy of others, Du Meidzu may be fined administratively, sued, or imprisoned for less than three years.

Source: K14

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