A female idol admits to look at BTS V’s images as a prenatal care procedure!

If you are concerned about your prenatal health, look at pictures of V (BTS) like NAVI.

A Korean ballad singer, also known as a DJ for MBC, NAVI mentioned BTS’s V in a recent interview with BNTNEWS.

bts v vogue

Accordingly, NAVI is about to become a mother.  And when asked about the prenatal care process, NAVI shared that she often looked at photos of V (BTS) because it was good to see a handsome face during pregnancy.  It’s a common tradition among Korean mothers to look at photos of beautiful people during pregnancy.

BTS’s V isn’t a surprising choice as he has been topping worldwide rankings for his handsome looks for years. Recently, he was crowned by SBS Medianet as the Visual Representative of K-pop.

Here are some comments from netizens:

“This is a common custom in many Asian countries, although it may seem unusual to others. Not just looking as good as V, I’m sure most parents would be delighted to have their child grow up to be a person like V. A humble, hardworking, caring, and talented one!”

“Sorry but I can’t stop laughing ??? just thinking to her husband’s face”

“The baby may be gorgeous and kind like Kim Taehyung”

“I mean…. everybody wanna have a kid with a face similar to the most handsome man in the world. Who is the FACE OF KPOP?”

Source: tinnhac

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