“Chinese-style greeting controversy” Everglow’s Yiren eventually stays in China? It is said that she is pushing ahead with activities in China

The recent situation of Everglow’s Wang Yiren, who returned to China to continue her study, is currently a hot topic.

In January, Everglow’s agency Yuehua Entertainment said on the group’s official fancafe, Wang Yiren will return to China from mid-January to the end of February because of reasons related to her academic status”. Regarding Wang Yi-ran’s departure to China, the agency said, “It’s for her study”, adding, “She will take a break and spend time with her family whom she has not met for a long time due to the Covid-19 pandemic.” 


However, Wang Yiren has not come back to Korea. She is known to have set up a personal studio and appeared on Chinese entertainment shows.

Of course, it is not yet announced whether Wang Yiren will make a comeback in Korea with Everglow, but fans are very anxious because of her recent move. This is because many Chinese idols used to work in Korea but returned to China immediately after becoming famous, such as Super Junior’s Hankyung, EXO’s Kris, Tao, Luhan, f(x)’s Victoria, WJSN’s Chengxiao, Meiqi, Xuanyi, and Pristin’s Kyulkyung.


Meanwhile, Wang Yiren caused controversy as she did not do the Korean New Year bow during her activities in Korea.

Source: nate

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