“Earth Arcade Season 2” preview, Mimi, Ahn Yu Jin, Lee Young Ji, and Lee Eun Ji reunite

Famous tvN program “Earth Arcade”, which features Oh My Girl Mimi, Ahn Yu Jin, Lee Young Ji, and Lee Eun Ji, is returning with season 2. 

On January 10th, tvN announced its official position that season 2 of “Earth Arcade” is in the process of filming with the goal of being released in the second quarter of 2023.

Earth Arcade

The members, who went to Thailand last summer, are planning a trip to a cold country this time, raising viewers’ expectations even more.

“Earth Arcade” is a new concept hybrid multiverse action adventure variety show in which four warriors unite, crossing time and space to catch the lunar rabbit, which ran away to Earth. It received a lot of attention as a new entertainment program helmed by famous PD Na Young Seok.

Mimi Oh My Girl

At the same time, it boasted an attractive cast consisting of Oh My Girl’s Mimi, Lee Young JiLee Eun Ji, and IVE’s Ahn Yu Jin

“Earth Arcade”, which first broadcast on June 24th last year, ended on September 16th of the same year. The program’s viewership peaked at 3.8%, which is considered high for a cable TV variety show. 

Ahn Yujin

As a result, the voices of viewers who demanded for a 2nd season have been answered. 

In particular, “Earth Arcade Season 2” will return with the original cast, and 12 episodes, including the director’s cut, are scheduled to be organized.

Source: wikitree

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