EXO Baekhyun reserved business class with his own money because he thought staff would be uncomfortable flying economy

Park Nae-joo, who is in charge of EXO’s hairstyling, praised Baekhyun’s personality.

Recently, Director Park Nae-joo started uploading MBTI-related content on the YouTube channel “Dare U Naeju” operated by him.

On this day, Park Nae-joo learned that Baekhyun’s MBTI was ISFP and began to talk about the idol’s personality.

Park Nae-joo said, “Baekhyun really takes care of people who he thinks are his family.”


The hairstylist mentioned a past story related to Baekhyun’s good personality.

“Originally, when we go on a business trip abroad, artists take the business class while the staffs take the general economy class,” he said.


“Baekhyun then said, “I’ll pay all the fees, let’s all sit on business class.”


Park Nae-joo said that Baekhyun’s proposal didn’t come true because that schedule was eventually canceled.


At the same time, Park Nae-joo said, “But I was very grateful for what he said.”

Earlier, Park Nae-joo praised that no one takes care of the staff as well as Baekhyun. Baekhyun, who was receiving hairstyling at the time, showed his affection for the people he cares about, saying that if his staff doesn’t get treated well, he would be very angry.


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