Dawn unveils feelings of love suppressed in his heart through new album after breaking up with Hyuna

Singer Dawn introduced his new EP album “Narcissus”

Dawn will release his new EP “Narcissus” and the music video for the title track “Star” at 6 p.m. on September 15th.

This album is expected to showcase his own musicality through a total of 8 songs, including the double title tracks “Star” and “Heart”. Featuring singers, such as 10cm, pH-1, GEMINI, and Kim Sa Wol, as well as producers GroovyRoo, Kwacha, LEEZ, BOYCOLD, SunwooJungah, Exy, etc. helped improve the album’s completeness.


Ahead of “Narcissus” release, Dawn also shared his feelings, saying “You can see a more diverse and sincere side of Dawn as an artist through this comeback album. The music and messages that I deliver as artist Dawn are very important so I focused more on how to persuade listeners when making the album”.

Regarding the meaning of the album’s title “Narcissus”, Dawn said, “When I’m truly in love, at some point, I feel like the person I love and I become one. Later on, I will think I’m in love with my other self, rather than someone else. That’s why I don’t consider breaking up the process of parting ways with some but rather the process of losing a part of myself.”


Introducing “Star” and “Heart”, he said, “These two songs have contrasting messages, so I selected them as title songs. ‘Star’ is about the feelings when you have no choice but to let your loved one go because you love them so much, while ‘Heart’ contains the emotions when you don’t want to let them go”.

Dawn then revealed his experiences of working with 10cm, pH-1, GEMINI, etc., and expressed his gratitude to the featuring singers. Lastly, he confessed, “I want to communicate with fans through my music.”

Source: Daum

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