Park Ha-sun talked about her leaving “The Veil” after 6 episodes despite being the female lead

Actress Park Ha-sun has made her position clear regarding MBC’s drama “The Veil”.

On Oct 13th, Park Ha-sun left a short message on her Instagram, saying, “The Veil is reaching its climax”.

She said, “I actually finished the main episodes before the show and already finished shooting the spin-off last month”.

She then concluded, “Please check out Seo Soo-yeon’s story of her death with a hidden secret in the spin-off “Moebius: The Veil” which will be on air the following week.”

The Veil Park Ha-sun

When a netizen commented on her post, saying, “It’s the first time I’ve ever seen a drama where the main character died in the middle of the show”, Park Ha-sun replied, “There are series like that in the U.K, and I was impressed by it. I’ve heard about that from the beginning and thought it would be fun to do.”

She then added, “It’s not a sudden stop, but a scheduled one from the start”.

The Veil Park Ha-sun

Park Ha-sun, who was also under controversy over her acting skill, played the role of Seo Soo-yeon, an NIS employee, in “The Veil”. Seo Soo-yeon collapsed and furiously bled after she was shot in episode 5 and eventually died in episode 6 which was aired on Oct 2nd. As a result, Park Ha-sun naturally left the show when there are still 6 episodes left, despite her role as the female lead.

The Director of MBC’s drama department, Hong Seok-woo, explained, “Seo Soo-yeon is originally designed for the role of a ‘game changer’ who leaves a shocking turning point in the middle of the film.”

The Veil Park Ha-sun

Then, he emphasized, “Apart from dividing screen time, since this is an important and complicated character who connects the main characters in NIS, we needed a reliable actor with great acting skill. This role was the hardest to cast.”

The backstory of Seo Soo-yeon, which has ended in the main storyline, will be mentioned in the 2-episode spin-off called “Moebius: The Veil”. The spin-off will be broadcast on the 29th and 30th of October after the drama ends. Director Hong Seok-woo said, “We are trying to reveal how she became a spy intelligence agent. We have planned to unveil more stories focusing on the psychological thriller among agents.”

“The Veil”, starring Nam Goong-min, tells the story of a top NIS agent, who disappeared one year ago, returning to his organization to find out the insider traitor who dropped him into the abyss.

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