Why did Seolhyun cry at Nam Goong-min’s wedding?… “So touching. Congratulations”

Seolhyun, an actress and member of girl group AOA, shed tears at the wedding of her fellow actor Nam Goong-min.

On October 7th, Seolhyun posted on her Instagram account a proof shot of her attending the wedding of Nam Goong-min and Jin Ah-reum.


The released picture shows Seolhyun crying while watching the wedding.

She added the captions “So touching” and “Congratulations on your wedding. It was so beautiful”.

nam goong min jin ah reum

Meanwhile, Nam Goong-min and Jin Ah-reum held their wedding ceremony at Shilla Hotel in Jangchung-song, Seoul on the evening of October 7th. The wedding was attended by the two’s relatives, close acquaintances, and fellow celebrities only. 

Source: nate

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