Actor Sung-hyuk will tie the knot with his non-celebrity girlfriend of the same age this October

Sung-hyuk (real name Hong Sung-hyuk) is getting married in October.

According to a report by, Sung-hyuk will marry his beautiful same-age girlfriend on October 21st in Seoul. The two, who both like sports, met as friends two years ago then developed into lovers and will become a married couple this time. Sung-hyuk decided to marry her because of not only her beauty but also her nice personality.

sung hyuk

The actor will hold a private wedding with the attendance of family members, relatives, and close acquaintances only. Fans are already looking forward to seeing which stars will be invited to Sung-hyuk’s wedding. As Sung-hyuk has been under FNC Entertainment for a long time, artists from the same agency are expected to appear as guests on his special day. Fellow actors and actresses who used to work with Sung-hyuk in various works will also visit and deliver their congratulation to Sung-hyuk.

sung hyuk

Sung-hyuk, who debuted through the drama  “Heaven’s Fate” in 2004, made his face known to the public after starring in series, such as “Don’t Be Swayed”,  “Oh! My Lady”, “Please Marry Me”, and “Bride of the Century”. Especially, in the 2014 drama “Jang Bo-ri is Here!”, he took on the character Moon Ji-sang and showed off his extraordinary presence. Appearing as the only person who competed against the “all-time villain” Yeon Min-jung (Lee Yoo-ri), Sung-hyuk left a big impression on the viewers. 

sung hyuk

Since then, he has been working hard work in dramas of different genres, such as “You Are the Only One”, “Band of Sisters” “A Korean Odyssey”, “Trap 1 & 2”, Kingmaker: The Change of Destiny, etc. He also joined some movie projects, such as “Good Friends”, “Operation Chromite”, “Start-Up”, and “Recalled”. 

Sung-hyuk will continue his career as an actor even after getting married. He is reportedly reviewing several scripts and will decide on his next work and return to acting activities after his marriage.  

Source: daum

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