Crush, BTS J-Hope X Zico X Son Heung-min… Showing off close friendship with “world stars”

Singer Crush mentioned BTS J-Hope, rapper Zico and soccer player Son Heung-min.

Crush appeared as a special guest on SBS’ “My Little Old Boy“, which aired on Sep 25th.

On this day, Shin Dong-yup told Crush, “I heard that a great person helped you with the release of your new song this time.” Crush said, “That’s right. BTS J-Hope did my new song together with me. It’s called ‘Rush Hour’.”

Shin Dong-yup asked, “Could we hear a little bit from the song?” Crush replied “It’s not just singing, but also dancing” then stood up from his seat.

Crush said “I’m not a good dancer, but ‘Rush Hour’ is an exciting song. It’s a song that your body can automatically respond to” and showed the choreography of his new song “Rush Hour”. Kim Hee-chul’s mother praised, “Listening to it during rush hour will relieve stress.”

Seo Jang-hoon said, “This is similar to Dong-yup. “He’s a great alcohol lover.” Shin Dong-yup was curious, “When I feel better after drinking, I keep calling people around me. When I looked at the call history the next day, I was like ‘Why did I call this person?’. Have you ever regretted it?”

Crush confessed, “I call Zico often because I’m close to him, but he doesn’t answer my calls these days. My father also had such a thing. I think I learned it from him.”

Shin Dong-yup suggested, “Then call your father.” Crush said, “My father calls me more. I often press ‘Reject’.”

Besides, Shin Dong-yup admired, “I heard that there’s a person who is unexpectedly close to Crush. He’s Son Heung-min.” Crush boasted their friendship, “I held a European tour 6 years ago. When I went to London, he came to my concert to see the performance. I was like ‘Son Heung-min is coming?’. Then I met him. We’re of the same age. We’ve been close since then. We’ve been in touch until now, and we sometimes meet each other when he returns to Korea.”

Seo Jang-hoon said, “I heard you two played soccer together.” Crush revealed, “We also played with Code Kunst. We played soccer games together. Son Heung-min was especially good at soccer games because he’s a soccer player.”

Seo Jang-hoon asked, “When playing soccer games, does he play with his character?” Crush replied, “I thought he would, but he didn’t. He played Senegal’s Sadio Mané. He nailed it.”

Source: daum

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