YG’s move after BABYMONSTER Ahyeon’s “n-word controversy” adds fuel to the fire 

After BABYMONSTER Ahyeon was revealed to have used the “n-word” in a performance, YG made a controversial move. 

On May 30th (Korean time), several new photos of BABYMONSTER Ahyeon were published on the official Instagram account of BABYMONSTER, along with the caption, “Shhh. Let the photos speak for itself”


While the photos themselves show nothing but Ahyeon looking stunning in her casual outfit, the comment section was filled with controversial comments. This is because of the BABYMONSTER member’s recent “n-word controversy”.

In particular, a video of Ahyeon performing Nicki Minaj’s “Feeling Myself” and rapping to the original lyrics, which includes the “n-word”, was previously spread, sparking controversies. 


As a result, while there are some comments defending Ahyeon and explaining that she may have unintentionally used the word without knowing its meaning, many still criticize the female idol, claiming that she is fluent in English and should have known better.

At the same time, numerous people are expressing disappointment at YG Entertainment for uploading the photos with such a daring caption, yet not releasing any official announcement regarding the situation.

Source: LSB, Instagram 

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